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My little scientist: “We don’t make popcorn, Dad”

My boy didn’t want to get up this morning. I pulled back the duvet – his eyes were screwed up but he was grinning.

Of course he was awake but his annoying sister as always had turned the lights on and robbed him of his peace and quiet. He likes to dream and think in bed and make plans – the plans of the hunter and the inventor.

“I don’t want to go to school.”

There is nothing wrong with school – its not the issue. Its just ‘delaying’ but I know I can fish him out.

“How was the science yesterday? Will yo do more science today?”

Yesterday was start of term two in his third year of school and his first ever bit of chemistry. He sits upright and his features wake up.

“I poured on liquid into the measuring… I made it change colour. Brandon poured in his liquid and bubbles came out – poured onto the tin and then all over the table.” Word tumble out of him – excited.

“Was there an explosion?”

“Oh, yes! It hit the roof”

Science was a big hit and in the grand journey of life and study and swotting and exam stress (that I experienced) it was the first footsteps forward.

“You know your grandpa is a scientist?”


“Yes – he is a Professor – he invents things. He is a scientist”

“What Grandpa?”

He laughs. There is a professor character in his book at school – an excentric fool – you know the character….

“And Aunty Genevieve ¬†– she is a Doctor. A science doctor – not one for sick people”

This is baffling for him. Doctors check out rashes and look in your ears and have cold hands.

“Do you have to stay in school a long time to be a Doctor?”

I love the way kids can screw up their face to show distaste – so expressive.

“Well yes – kind off. Basically if you don’t know what you want to do in life and you stay at school for too long they call you a Doctor”

He doesn’t like that. He wants to run away and live in the woods when he turns 11 – he doesn’t want to be in school too long.

“Well not all Doctors are boring – I have a friend called Dylan who is a Doctor of Computer Games”

“Oh, no. Thats no good. Im going to be a bus driver.”

Okay. This is a new one on me.

” Yes. Ive told Miles all about it. I’m going to build a bus and we are going around the world looking for food. We will drive into the woods and hunt food”


“Its going to have three floors. The first floor is for me – I sleep there. Second floor is for Miles and he sleeps there. And the top floor is for the fishing rod and stuff.


“What about going under bridges. You know, like when we go to Swindon – the bridge that the train goes over?”

The face screws up into a picture of tricky thought.

“Well the top floors collapse – they unzip. You pull them down and then they spring back up again”

His solution. I’ll buy it.

“What about a popcorn maker – will you have one of those on the top floor.”

He does this laugh of wonder. “Oh yes, if you like!”

But then he goes quiet and he thinks about the popcorn maker and corrects himself.

“Thats a daft idea. We’re hunters. We don’t make popcorn, Dad”

Of course. How silly I am.

“Okay, then. Come on, its time for school. ¬†Lets go”

“Okay then…”