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Cracking the Pigeon Code

There was an article on the BBC web site a few weeks back – a pigeon had been found in a chimney – a dead pigeon from WWII – with a secret code tied to its legs.

GCHQ has looked at it but it was too hard. They talked about cypher technology – if the key was lost the message might never be found. ANd so they posted the message up on line. What wuld the whole world make of it – not even GCHQ has all teh brains in the planets.

And today it looks like its cracked… by a guy in Canada that has an old codes book and he has pieced it together and also offered to context to the message.

Its a great story – Im a sucker for intrigue – and I’m thinking three things.

1) Sometimes complex things are sometimes lot simpler than you fear – you just need the right people to help.

2) Even in the most closed and controlled environments knowledge management is a challenge – heaven help us in the diffused SocialEra world

3) Just how well the planet is connected when it huddles around a trusted influencer like the BBC

Now of course this could all be a ruse to obscure a deep dark secret – “Spin them the pigeon” could be a secret service tactic – but as it stand lets just enjoy a happy ending

The story is here.