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In the moment

“ True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by. ” E.S. Bouton

I read more and more about not worrying about tomorrow (I have two engagements Im worrying about right now…) and also to spend less time regretting the past (Ive been encouraged to reflect upon context and events… but when does that become rumination?).

The key seems to be living in the now – having awareness and appreciation for what we are creating  moment by moment. 

Distracted by a tweet promising insights for Content Marketing trends in 2014 (sheesh…) I find myself sidestepping into the Forbes website and being hit by the above quote.

Gathering precious things is often why I tweet, post to facebook and also post to this blog. Gathering precious things is also what I did last week with the kids in Iceland – and sure enough we were 4kg over our baggage allowance as we were obliged to pack for home our favourite bits of lava rock and basalt so that the kids can tell their holiday story to their friends at school.

Not all precious things get posted to social media or put in an overweight backpack. We also collect moments as feeling while helping out old friends – sharing some insights, helping onboard new colleagues and having the pleasure to meet people for the first time; buying a flight that will take us on a Zurich weekend adventure, and working with a colleague via skype to co-create a plan to help out the team and try to make everyone as awesome as they can be.

If I hadn’t written it down – I might have forgotten that any of this would have happened on November 5th 2013….. if I hadn’t read the words on Forbes I might never have been aware – in the moment – of the cool things I get to do each day.

What precious things have you got happening around you and because of you? And have you taken the moment to just acknowledge them?

What flotsam and jetsam are you wise enough to gather up today?