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Sharing…have you met my baby?

“I thought of this great idea check this out!  Look.. Meet my baby!”

Yet, sharing is tough – if you love something you have to let it go – thats the hard bit because then it leaks out…  You were being Authentically Helpful but someone else could be Unethically Opportunist – and take your great stuff and pass it off as theirs. Its the Arrow Paradox – you have something uniquely valuable but then as soon as you share it  the ‘unique’ has gone. Its the paradox of innovation – you’ve got to be open but then you find yourself wishing you’d been closed.

“Stuff” gets abused by free-riders, knowledge leaks and sometimes there is outright theft of facilitation models that were known to add real value to customers – sometimes stolen by people we trusted. I think we have permission to be pissed. I attended Oxford Jam earlier this year and some guys were getting really hack off about how this happens.

But then again, it was always going to happen. It is great stuff!

And there’s nothing that’s been shipped that isn’t a prototype anyway… nothing that cant be done better – if our ears and minds are open we learn whats needed next – we find ‘the edge’. The game was changing anyway. They copied ‘our baby’ but they didn’t steal what we have brewing in the lab.

And they don’t steal our personal brand of ‘being a helper’ and they don’t steal our vision, our relationships and reputation as great partners. They don’t steal the trust that people invest in us for being good people to do business with.

Its natural to want to invest energy  in resentment of being ‘hacked’ or ‘asset stripped’ – but its better to  just crack on. Be sunny and light.

Don’t know about you but I just cant create if I’ve got a cloudy head… let’s shine 🙂