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We are engineers and artists #apple


I get baffled when I see Apple products being advertised.

These don’t need advertising – you buy them because what else would you ever have. You will them into your life and then you live with them as a second skin – inked onto your identity. How could you not be Apple? Have you not seen them in every west end coffee shop and book store?

But we have to be advertised to.

Because we need to be assured.

These Samsung things. That HTC with the full width screen. The big colourful tiles on the Nokia (it feels so smooth) and the Jolla thing that I want to sign up for.

When did it all get so confusing.

Who put ice-cream on a sandwich and put multi-user accounts on a tablet… but I thought….

Its cognitive dissonance. I’m not quite so sure any more. But…

But we are engineers and artists and these words will make the hairs on your neck stand up.

If you don’t feel it – you’ll never feel it. You just arnt one of us.. the misfits, the rebels… enhancing every life we touch

This is what matters.

He is beautiful. You are beautiful and we are beautiful.


Where else could do this?

Where else could do this?