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The Grief Cycle of Social

How do we become social and connected? As a business or a person, is it just a process? Are stories and collective wisdom enough to make us change?

Is there more to it than following a process? Is it like any other change – going through cycles of fear and distrust before deciding it’s for us?

When you gain social, you have to let a bit of your ‘old self’ go. You need the space to grieve.

If we are going to make a change we need to be compelled and find the support of others around us before building new competencies and making a sustainable change.

Where are you right now on the Grief Cycle of Social?

Grief Curve

(This is inspired by the insightful work of Anthony Bradley at Gartner – check out his work here:  Andrew Bradleys Blog)


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Can BigCo be Social? Grant Thornton hope so

Grant Thornton have just done a good thing. They’ve messaged out to their staff that Social Media is something that they approve of and they have backed it up with a public video, here.

” Social Media at work is not only permitted and acceptable  – its expected and desirable”

GT are the auditors and conservers of the business world, so this is a big break-though and a shift that moves perceptions of Social Media from being time-wasting and a distracting activity to one that will grow the business.

Its no longer a thing that the MarCom guys do but one where the voice of the employees is actually a complement to the brand.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.09.20

GT are slow to have got to this point but I can imagine the journey and mind-shifting that has gone on internally to get there. Hats off to someone internally – thats effective influence and change.

Yet its not that they have pulled the cork out of a bottle of fizz and there is going to be 140-character chaos – they have given out some guidelines – they keep the guidance clear and the don’t peddle fear.

Respect confidentiality, respect copyright – “Please don’t use our logo – it implies you are our spokesman – you are probably not..”

All sensible.

They recognise that the voice of employees attracts other talent into GT.

We know “Like seeks like”. If GT is a diverse, innovative, visionary, action-focused place to be – the digital voice of the staff will show this and attract people with similar mindsets.

Will it stick?

Change is good but its always reinforced by some evidence and reflection.

I hope they blog 12 months down the road to say what they found/learnt/would-do-different – lots of their corporate clients would like to read that learning.

But will this stick? Is the risk of letting staff tweet and tumblr greater than the reward?

And will the noise of social distract from the focus and delivery that a corporate expects from its staff?

You are paying most of these guys in day rates – do you want to see Instagram pic’s of the expensive lunches they will bill you for at the end of the quarter? Or is sharing and connecting something we expect from talent – and we don’t begrudge them a meal

If you’d like to read about the impact Digital can have on a corporate career – I would recommend this from MIT Sloan and CapGemini

This is the Video from Grant Thornton on YouTube.

Thanks to @socialCube for sharing the Grant Thornton news and thanks to @sinclar300584 for sharing the CapGemini report, both via twitter.

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Connecting – the colony of humans

All over the world things are changing with a speed that is terrifying and exhilarating – a better synergy between design and business – design and social change – design and entrepreneurship – they can help us come up with more creative solutions.

The next big, exciting, fun thing – to have a huge positive impact on peoples lives.

All this intensive connectivity – there is a super organism building up – in which humans are no longer top of the food chain

This idea that we would all actually be connected? Well its actually happening – and its more fair to say it has already happened – and we are still acting in some ways like everyone is not connected.

A world where that human layer is so critical. The new layer where there is a powerful secondary effect – an emergent power – that is purely delivered through good interactions

There is something bigger – which is the the colony of humans connected in this way – it is a ‘thing’ and it has behaviours and it has responses and reactions. What is different is those reactions responses and collective actions… they happen fast and they happen in visible ways.

You can see it …now. People waking up to this idea that they are powerful and can connect with one another.

The behaviour can become more and more collective as the signals become more and more explicit. We are part of something bigger – many of us are not yet aware of how we are part of something bigger and we are not entirely just our own ‘selves’ anymore.


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Sweet dreams, Instagram – I’ll get my coat

  1. Instagram is the greatest success of the Social Era. It only turned two years old back in October, it had been acquired for $1bn and people were downloading the app north of 20million times a month.

    But more than that we loved it. It captured our moments, offered the chance to show some creative mastery and it let us share and connect effortlessly.

    We were in a bubble and today it burst.

    The celebrities are outraged and the community is outraged. There is lots of nashing of teeth.

    But what is it that is pissing us off and why did we ever thing it could be free. Is anything really free?

    What is it that makes the user-base of the platform so miffed? A thread on the BBC captures some of it.

    There is agreement that people will be leaving the service – offence is taken at making money out of the shared images. People should expect the worst from the Facebook and free social platforms – they have to make money and – “if you don’t pay for the product – you are the product”. No free lunch. But its undermining the integrity of being social and people are highlighting the disadvantages and risks of sharing in digital space.

    The following posts were supported by the BBC community:

    andie99uk  Plus 222

    adios instagram. my photos may be awful, but they are MINE.
No way I’m letting someone earn good money without cutting me in…

    Whistling Neil  Plus 105

    Why does this come as any surprise to anyone – Zuckerberg has always said unless you are paying for the product then you are the product i.e. will be sold to pay for the service. There is no such thing as a free lunch – so those who have built their world around such fripperies as FB etc. will simply have to suck it up – like the good little sheep they have trained themselves to be.

    David Butterfield  Plus 99 

    There is a simple answer to the copyright issue, do not use social media. It contributes nothing to a real interactive social life and its disadvantages or more profound than most users could even understand. Reveal too much on the net and you are virtually naked in every sense.

    But people arn’t in wide agreement – being blasé about the changes is not acceptable. Its not a time to be naive about the data being collected and the uses that Instagram find for it. Its not about whether the pictures are great or not – they simply don’t belong to instagram in the eyes of the users.

    The following posts were not supported by the BBC community

    Chuck Neely  Minus 142

    In ernest, I’m not really bothered by this. I mean it’s not like I’m currently making any money off my instagram photos, I never thought I would make any money off my instagram photos. If I wanted to sell photos for a living I’d set up my own portfolio site that I fully manage (and pay for) and can make a profit off. If instagram want to sell my instagram photo’s, it’s no skin off my back.

    Shoogly Peg  Minus 88

    Where, exactly, will these advertisers use your images when advertising? Where most people go obviously. Yes, social media websites, where you can already see an adundance of faces. Unless you are a pro photographer, no need to get bothered. And if you are a pro, why are you using this app?

    Birchy  Minus 111

    I don’t understand the fuss, most photo’s uploaded to instagram are of poor quality and of little value. To sell images online, you need something of at least 16 megapixels and absolute 100% in focus. I don’t think they’re going to be using your images for the purposes that you assume. More likely some sort consumer profiling for advertisers.

    It really did look like instagram had something special going on – a true connection between life, technology and social. It was phenomenal – but maybe it still is….

    Is Instagram so fantastic that you’ll stick around even though it tastes a bit sour after today?

    Is there nowhere else to go – is this just the ‘rule of the jungle’

    Will you suck it up – or pack up and move?

    Or will Instagram move fast to amend its plans?

  2. instagram
    We’ve heard you that the updates to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service are raising a lot of questions. We’ll have more to share very soon