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Perfect Competition

It was a pleasure to catch the end of the Spanish Grand Prix last weekend – seeing Pastor Maldonado winning for the Williams team.

The race saw Lewis Hamilton demoted to the back of the grid from Pole after a technical penalty on fuel load and Kimi Raikonen edging his way ever closer – but the podium was Maldonados and the celebrations were huge.

This season there have been 5 races and five winners. There is no one powerful monopoly – there is perfect competition. I dont know what changed in the rules this year but its a time for passion and innovation and the trophies are being shared amongst the gutsy.

I really liked the scenes of Maldonado on the shoulders of Alonso and Raikkonen – its not seen every week (if ever!). Alonso can sulk for Spain and Kimi is a man of little words – but you could see they were generously pleased for the Venezuelan. Not just becasue he had his first win but because of who he is and how he conducts himself away from the races.  To be the linchpin you need talent and perseverance – but to really win you need to have charm and humilty too.

It was a big weekend for Williams – when I was a kid they were number one but this is their first success in a long time – it was FW’s birthday that weekend – turning 70 with his family all around. Those are special moments and I liked being part of them.

When Maldonado was asked what his goals were for the season he said:

To learn, be really quick, do my best for the team and improve race-by-race.

Now he has to learn to be a winner too. But not by loosing the people around him.

Sadly 90 minutes after the race there was a huge fire in the pits – this sport is dangerous. These are links to that unfortunate news:





Today I want seafood

I live in land-locked Oxfordshire – edge of the Cotswolds – its beautiful –  facinating buildings, every village with its own shape and history and life is good.

But today I want to be by the sea. I want seafood. Be in Capetown eating Kingklip. In Sydney eating squid. In Bangkok eating god know what. Not just the taste but the sounds, the chaos the colours bouncing between the sea and the sky and the freshness in the air. Today is Sunday – there are people breakfasting in Mission Bay, Auckland drinking fajoa juice looking across the water at Rangitoto knowing it’s the only place to be – but taking it all for granted (I just spoke to my mother-in-law in Waiheke and – yes – it was a beautiful morning in NZ).

Hey, I even want to have Oysters. I hate oysters. Ive never tried oysters. I fear them. My lizard brain holds me back everytime that they are on offer – and today I want to take on that fear and be there – by the sea – stretching myself – and then discovering the best kind of seafood ever.

Its daft being in fear of oysters – but at least realising its a barrier and its irrational is the first step to fixing it.

I want to go for a paddle but the water is going to be *so cold* – hell, get in there!