Kindled Meme

– exploring the purpose of connection

About This Blog

The blog was kicked off by my passion for Open Innovation and Open Networks – companies, people, tribes – all coming together to collaborate. But over time its changed and now its become a place for me to just capture some thoughts, scribble down some ideas and kindle the memes that shape our world.

This open and collaborative thing? Some people say it’s a tough thing to do – but if you spend time with the people that do it, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Being collaborative accelerates growth, and builds trust and a reputation in community – providing an advantage that the less scrupulous just can’t buy. And so I blog about it.

The UK is one of the most innovative business and lifestyle environments in the world – everything is up for grabs if you can work with others to achieve it. No one owns all the great people, great ideas and – most importantly – all the resources needed to build success.

It’s flawed to be secretive, isolated and scheming. It’s time to be connected and alert.




If you are popping by my blog – do share and join in. Its what its all about. 

James Ramsay

One thought on “About This Blog

  1. Hi James,
    I have been on the collaboration bandwagon for some time now – there is nothing more exciting to me than building on ideas. I am launching in a few months – it’s a profile network for independents, entrepreneurs and those folks who run their own show. For great ideas to blossom, I think people need a really great network – not a click and add network – but a network build on consistent contact, respect, trust and admiration. Small but mighty.
    The community page for is I would love for you to contribute to that community when you have the time.
    Elaine Joli

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