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On chicken soup and behavior and choice

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Who first drew those frame lines around the Heinz tin can label? Its timeless and trusted. I love my Aldi shopping relationship, but when it comes to soup, it’s Heinz that I trust. The soup that heals, the soup that warms and the soup that fills a gap when I don’t know what else to do… But for the past few weekends my head has been like chicken soup after my time walking an NLP journey. While I stretch and creak and yeld in my head – there is lots of good stuff going in there – but head is like soup.. And whilst this is ‘happening to me’ Im also thinking and aware of my need to frame the ‘what and why’ of my learning purpose.

Do I see NLP in the way of Frank – its the capture of what works in the three most important professions on the planet: How we parent, how we teach and how we lead. We have become experts at coding the knowledge of science, finance and engineering but we have failed to grab the essence of influence and impact – to resolve the conflict in our purpose and beliefs that are who we are – but which we often fail to listen to.

Do I see it as a part of the tools Joel and Michelle Levey use in the training of top talent in Google as part of the Mindfit program (have you taken a G-Pause lately?) Or the tools they use with the US military elite that allows them to resolve the different parts of the soldiers self so that when they are in a moment – when a job needs doing – they commit without inner distraction or conflict knowing they are not their work at that time but have a wholeness and balance amongst the many sides inside them.

Or do I see it as the power behind Amy Cuddy’s gestures shown here at TED – building that complete congruence between intent and behavior that either gives us the power to be a fully at-self at a point in time – or just stop those doubting programmes we run that mug us under pressure.

(I love that my wife followed Amy Cuddy’s suggestions before going into an interview last year – she didn’t get that job – but they created a whole new role for her… they wanted her energy… the ripples went out from there… her work life has snowballed since and its great to see her succeeding. She is way more than I am!)  

So Im happy to take any of the frames and stories above to help me make sense of what I just did. And my ‘personal why’ on why I did it…  because ‘I can be better’, or that ‘I can help you’ be better (I like this), or do I see it that we can ALL get better from nudging each other. Who are we kidding… We are all interconnected (not just digitally but beyond) and its no bad thing if we choose to be our fuller selves altogether.  

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.22.30 AM

But you learn some shit, some of it sticks, some of it goes deep inside but hides it self … and some of it comes out into the day with you… just as you put on a clean pair of pants (most days… love my weekends…) in the morning. But unlike the Chicken Soup, new learning hasn’t got the shelf life of half-of-forever – it wasn’t sterilized, superheated and hermetically sealed – it can’t gather dust at the back of a cupboard for the rainy day – its got to be used. And also I can’t beat myself up and be overwhelmed by seeing and feeling too much in a 10 day course… but I do have to embed it.

So… Im going to noodle on my Chicken soup and enjoy my learning lunch. But Im definitely going to eat it.

And you? How are you choosing to snack today? Which of the 57 varieties are you (mindfully and now) selecting to set you up for the day?

And if you want more soup in your life – drop the Brain People a line. They cook up a storm most weekends.

(Disclaimer: Other brands are available… But are they? Really?)



Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

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