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“It’s okey, sweet heart”

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Coming in at number 7 on the hot list of “Buddhists that say “fuck”” is Kees Klomp  – talking compassion in business – and businesses that sustainably matter. And its not going to be easy when we are all living our own rhythms of pleasure and prestige – and directed by own own internal – but dodgy – compass of passion and purpose. All in a world that we will never control.

They are familiar words that come go out of focus but today we get a nudge. And a nudge is a beautiful thing.

Sat on the grass, with the wind frequently blowing the sketch board over and the tumbling leaves from the poplars reminding us that autumn is coming and this afternoon – where we sit under the moody cloudful skies – is a borrowed time before autumn arrives in full and the year wraps up.


We are talking about a five fold path to a meaningful business. And we will be still talking about it in 10 hours time – around a campfire long after we should be in bed. (But why would you go-bed when there are things to talk about)

We are talking about the Issue we want to fix, the identity (of who we become or are by doing this), the ideal we hold as we go forward and the intervention we make in the world. But we also look at the intersection of each of these – the insights we have (just how perceptive and creative and brave are you?), the intent in how you approach this (is there anything more important than intent in a world asking for authenticity and transparency) and also the impact you make (if you can tolerate not having an impact – frankly you have checked out of life.)

Oh, and there is income. Lets get real. We all have obligations and we are allowed to have a share in the value we create.

Its a nice model – and its structured and clear and thought provoking – and easy to draw and its easy for me to share it here.

And we are talking about the impacts we make – the societal and environmental impact – internally as an operation – shaping the choices we make – and externally in our “Go to World” execution. Your brand is what you do – why not do better?

But compassion in business starts with compassion in ourselves.

We stand at the start of the session – in a hug. 20 of us. Its uncomfortable and unusual – but eyes closed we are asked to reflect on our happiness at the is point of time. Its odd and unusual and unexpected. And fuck, Im tired – the past weeks have drained me, I’m in physical turmoil and I can feel the caffeine of one-too-many-rescue-coffees screaming inside me. Its hard to say Im happy but Im grateful to be here and I’m optimistic for the session with Kees.

But life is tough and while we are trying to scream ahead with impact and purpose we have to be kind to ourselves. Compassion in a business starts with compassion for yourself. And I need to be a little gentler on myself and right here today I can feel that. And I’m not the only one.

We talk and others are in the same space. Dorothy opens up and talks of her pains. And Kees knows it.

“Its okey, this is life. Life is hard. When you feel this – know its okey. Place your hand on your heart and say to yourself : “Its okey, Sweetheart”

Dorothy sobs softly and others do too – inwardly or outwardly. People stopping and acknowledging just what we are going through everyday.

If I could draw a line of my mood, energy and outlook during the talk it would all be good – I become connected and calm and relaxed. And I became energized.

At the end of the session we hugged again. I like the picture Mr Yeast took – the smiles are all full and real – it was a good place to be.

Buddhists-that-say-fuck rock. I suggest you find one in a town near you sometime soon.

Thank you Kees.





Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

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