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My Do List

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In a field in a small clever country called Wales, there be the Do Lectures… and then a four hours trip home with Carrie and talking leads to a plan.

Some nudges, some hints of bigger things…

1 No more Netflix. No more relationships with Dexter, Jack Bauer, Jessie and Walter and Frank Underwood. I want my life back. (Even if there is a new Season of Orange is the New Black…). But keeping Wes Anderson as a special treasure.

2. Going on a journey with the Paleo diet – The caveman is reborn! If you have any short cuts or guidance that saves me from buying a book – please share!

3. Ask Val and David if they will let me set up a community garden in their yard – lets get gorilla growing

4.  Re-invent the Man cave – DJ decks and music play space. Let’s make it loud. Let’s plan for a pizza oven. Let’s plan for a coffee roaster. Let’s only DJ the 80’s and 90’s vinyl. Constraints are good (And the toons are fine). And more 70’s Disco!

5 Let’s build the Social Toastie – it gets people excited – they smile and it is a fine aspiration. Lets be a real rockstar.

6. Work with Rachel to build the dementia community – she is passionate and I will really enjoy helping build something that matters.

7. Become a 3d printed concrete noodler… (Lets see how his works out! Inspired by Evans brother)

8. Reframe the value I find in my day job.




9. Blog all my Do inspiration – don’t leave it to die inside Evernote.

10. Listen to more Radiohead

11. Send some cherry tree staves off Mike and Norikos tree to Claudia for spoon carving

12. Boss Illustrator and Photoshop

13. Plan for my work experience at Hiut

14. Download Animate-It, Breathing app and Flipboard. Find app that does super slow-mo.

15. Go to Extract on a coffee day.

16. Make more noise.


What did I miss?

oh – yeah – sleep. Deeply. Heal. (Maybe find time to bawl my eyes out.)

Its emotional.


And – 0h, yeah – include Franny. A journey shared is always best.


As Tom Fishburne said – “Be careful what you wish for on this Tent”




Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

One thought on “My Do List

  1. Sounds very inspired, and inspiring. And about that item number 3: I can tell you, it’s super rewarding to eat something you’ve grown yourself. I have a couple of herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme, mint), but that’s not the best. The strawberries rock. And the two tiny potatoes I have grown this year, just by putting one in the ground.

    Enjoy. Dream. Do.

    Having said that: this site might be one to look at:

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