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Thoughts and Blogging



Writing a blog post is hard.

Not because I don’t have anything to say, not because I don’t get excited about things – or reflective and ponderous about things. But because thoughts aren’t clear cut. The context is complex and one thing is built upon the other and I cant assume you see the world the way I do or start your day with the same frame of reference that I do.

And above all else I only have 300 words to hang something coherent together.

Ann Augustine shared a link to the above picture on twitter earlier (it comes from a @blurtalert campaign). And taking its message in mind I will shut up now.

Either I will over explain it – or I will become totally inarticulate.

Of course I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. But if you do like an informed bit of advice on blogging in a credible way I recommend this – I found it to be humble and insightful.

My current sub-thought is that if I do become clear and coherent then maybe I become less human. But a sub-sub-thought disagrees.



Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

8 thoughts on “Thoughts and Blogging

  1. Well, in that post, Mark also says that you have to be yourself and let your ‘own light shine through’. So, don’t over explain – people will ask you questions in the comments if they need clarification, right?!

    I, for one, love reading your posts – not because they give me answers but because they make me question what I take for granted, including the way of looking at things around me.

    • Ana

      Thanks for all your encouragement – I chuckle some times because I met you because you taught me Relationship marketing for 8 hours but in fact for every week for the following two years I have learnt something from you.

      When I talk with people about getting into social – and blogging – and keeping it real, human and purposeful I point them to your blog and the outcomes you build

      All my learning started with your recommendation to read he Tao of Twitter – solid advice that I pass on to others (my copy is now missing – I think I have given it away in some irrational moment!)

      Thank you!

  2. thanks for sharing!
    definitively, the 1st idea seams great. Start the post with a question, that sure should raise interaction.
    thumbs up.

    • Hello Alexandre – yesterday at lunch I was telling friends about your 2014 plans and we swapped stories about the silly/wonderful things kids do. They were all excited for your adventure!

      Yes – questions make good sense.

      I have seen people ending their blogging with a question as a hook to encourage engagement – but starting the blog from an ‘enquirer’ perspective is clever.

      In DanielPinks latest book he encourages people to frame challenges around questions as people search inside themselves for intrinsically motivated purpose and a questioning approach draws folks into action on their own inner terms.

      Im learning most days that it is better the no be so smart but to ask better questions and t listen deeper.

      Blogging from a question – Lets keep a watch out and see who is doing it skillfully


  3. Oh God… it’s like seeing the inside of my head on paper.

    • I agree Julie – my head feels like a knotted ball of wool and im the kitten thats pawing it trying to pull it apart. In the old days I used to see things a lot more black and while – “one answer – the correct answer”. After getting some of that there education stuff I now see -and enjoy – the complexity.

      Still, better to be complex than unquestioning 🙂

  4. Well done James. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep at it and your “voice” will become increasingly clear.

  5. Thank you Mark – I like the idea that I have to get a lot of junk out of my system before I can get to the core of what it is I m passionate about. In real life its easy but in blogging – without the eye contact and one-on-one – it’s tricky.

    I do enjoy the challenge though and what a great way to start the day with your encouragement.

    Thank you!

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