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The Moments of Truth – ‘Make it so”

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I get baffled at the Brand flag waving.

Its a person to person world and yet we talk about ‘Brands’ – we de-humanise our own place and influence in creating those key interactions.

When BT ‘do me’ a great support call it was someone on the end of the phone that did it; when I tangoed with HMRC in a call centre someplace north east – it was the fact I got the same handler two days in a row (“I remember you’) and we had continuity that allowed me to feel I was progressing; and when im standing in a department shore at 10:56am on a sunday morning in Bath being told I can’t try on a jumper until exactly 11am its the person and the smile and her tolerance of my off-tilt sense of humour that keeps me there… waiting…. for 4 minutes… bizarrely… to try on some cloths… that I could buy online any time I like (Sheesh..).

Its people at these Moments of Truth and yet we talk about brands. The ‘unit of analysis’ is the firm and its bigger than all of us – and some how it decouples us from our individual art.

The brand can makes us proud, makes us aspire and makes us feel helpless when they are hopeless. But its the people in and around the brand that ‘make it so’.

I’m not for some sense-making that moves us from ‘company brand’ to a ‘personal brand’ – it’s just about caring. I can tell when other people care too – it makes a difference.

So whats all this fluff about brands? Its you thats awesome not the logo.



Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

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