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EverNote – the place information goes to die?


I saw a tweet a few weeks ago and it talked about how Evernote is the information cul-de-sac – the dead-end – the place where knowledge goes to die and rots down.

It made me think about my own note storage – what I keep and develop and what I share.

“Sometimes people are more open when the context is closed”  Makes sense – I don’t want you to read my stream of consciousness on Evernote – but that info doesn’t die either.

I have just found this quote in one folder I am guarding over – but Im letting this nugget back out – letting it come up for air.

I think I screen grabbed it from a Jive webinar – who knows – sometimes some stuff just “sticks”.  I like it.

Wise men say – we reflect



Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

2 thoughts on “EverNote – the place information goes to die?

  1. Hi James – don’t disagree with Chas. What has been your best collaboration?

    • Elaine – Hello!

      thats a great question…. I had to think about that one

      I think my best collaboration is with my wife Fran – we’re bringing up some cool – but ‘individual’ – kids; we are always swapping ideas and coming up with solutions – in work and family – and above all I see her growing all the time and she is becoming quite incredible through our partnership.

      Thankfully she is hopeless at a few things and we work as good complements – as I too have my blind spots 🙂

      Upon reflection – not a bad hook up all in all


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