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A pervasive force – yielding impact for millions


Like gravity, collaboration is a pervasive force. It lies at the heart of what uniquely shapes teams and organizations. It connects people to the vast power of their own knowledge and shines a light on the purpose of their work and lives. Collaboration holds the power to link teams with diverse skills and traits, urging them to come together in an aligned way and yielding breakthroughs that can impact hundreds—even millions—of people.

I just found this from a review of Sarah Miller Caldicotts book – she is Thomas Edisons grand-nice.

One more for the reading list!


Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

2 thoughts on “A pervasive force – yielding impact for millions

  1. Hi James,
    Very nice quote.
    Have you read Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan? Although it is about corporate leadership and how to build and motivate a tribe and/or tribal culture, for me the book has been a changing force in how I see collaboration. He describes a “Maslow’s Hierarchy” of sorts – not of human needs per se, but of where individuals rank in their progress towards meaning in their work. It is fantastic – a must read.

    • Elaine – Thanks for the heads up on Dave Logan

      I can see a brief interview with him on Forbes and also a Ted Talk

      What did we ever do with out these sites of information!

      I like Daves presentation – the “Im great and you’re not” line is humorous and he carries this off well.

      He makes a good point that most people can only communicate in terms of people one level above and below them.

      I had a ‘fail’ moment last year spending time with some folks who are very much on the ‘life sucks’ path – it was hard to find a common ground. Lets see if I get this situation right next time.


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