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Can BigCo be Social? Grant Thornton hope so

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Grant Thornton have just done a good thing. They’ve messaged out to their staff that Social Media is something that they approve of and they have backed it up with a public video, here.

” Social Media at work is not only permitted and acceptable  – its expected and desirable”

GT are the auditors and conservers of the business world, so this is a big break-though and a shift that moves perceptions of Social Media from being time-wasting and a distracting activity to one that will grow the business.

Its no longer a thing that the MarCom guys do but one where the voice of the employees is actually a complement to the brand.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.09.20

GT are slow to have got to this point but I can imagine the journey and mind-shifting that has gone on internally to get there. Hats off to someone internally – thats effective influence and change.

Yet its not that they have pulled the cork out of a bottle of fizz and there is going to be 140-character chaos – they have given out some guidelines – they keep the guidance clear and the don’t peddle fear.

Respect confidentiality, respect copyright – “Please don’t use our logo – it implies you are our spokesman – you are probably not..”

All sensible.

They recognise that the voice of employees attracts other talent into GT.

We know “Like seeks like”. If GT is a diverse, innovative, visionary, action-focused place to be – the digital voice of the staff will show this and attract people with similar mindsets.

Will it stick?

Change is good but its always reinforced by some evidence and reflection.

I hope they blog 12 months down the road to say what they found/learnt/would-do-different – lots of their corporate clients would like to read that learning.

But will this stick? Is the risk of letting staff tweet and tumblr greater than the reward?

And will the noise of social distract from the focus and delivery that a corporate expects from its staff?

You are paying most of these guys in day rates – do you want to see Instagram pic’s of the expensive lunches they will bill you for at the end of the quarter? Or is sharing and connecting something we expect from talent – and we don’t begrudge them a meal

If you’d like to read about the impact Digital can have on a corporate career – I would recommend this from MIT Sloan and CapGemini

This is the Video from Grant Thornton on YouTube.

Thanks to @socialCube for sharing the Grant Thornton news and thanks to @sinclar300584 for sharing the CapGemini report, both via twitter.


Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

One thought on “Can BigCo be Social? Grant Thornton hope so

  1. James, very interesting article and its refreshing to see an organisation that operates in an equally regulated industry embracing and recognizing that social media happens regardless of whether they support it or not! At least this way, they can have more ‘influence’ over the types of conversations and things their staff are doing. In my opinion, this is a very positive move!

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