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The simple first hooks for a Social Journey


There is a lot going on behind Social Media as everyone considers how to convert sales, hunt for innovation, curate a community or using it simply to be better at doing what matters.

But sometimes we can over think it – its the simple things that just might be the hook to get people on board and get engagement.

I was taken with this graphic today that Patrick Durando – Senior Director of Global New Media at McGraw-Hill – shared on a Jive webinar.


We might all be hoping for detailed status updates, sharing great content or even pouring our thoughts into a blog post but don’t underestimate the power of the poll.

A poll can be the simplest of tools and they are common in linkedIn, Facebook and Yammer – a simple click and a reticent new-media user can put a first toe in the water.

We know not all people in a group actually contribute to the conversation but many people are reading the content and extracting value from the ‘chatty’ ones. A poll help bridge that gap – a contribution for the ‘shadow population’ – a vote for those that are yet to find a digital voice.

Lets not be too smart – its about sharing and connecting. Lets not forget the simple tools – people trust them.

Patrick’s full webinar talk on the impact social tools from @jivesoftware have had up McGraw-Hill is here.


Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

2 thoughts on “The simple first hooks for a Social Journey

  1. Like it! I’m going to share it – I guess that’s stage 3 of social savviness.

    PS – on your WP dashboard, you need to change the ‘publicize’ settings so that the twitter message reads ‘via @jameslramsay’ instead of ‘via @wordpress’ 😉

    • Had a great day today digging in the @jivesoftware website. Lots of McKinsey and Gartner reports in their – plus illuminating customer stories.

      Thanks for sharing! Stage 3 tick!


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