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Blip me – Im real!

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BlippAR is indeed something significant and engaging – it’s Augmented Reality and it connecting with content via your Smartphone camera.

QR codes also do this ‘camera-connecting behaviour’ but they inevitably lead you to a webpage, and in that ‘web lifespace’ we have already established a number of beliefs, preferences and prejudices as individuals that define how open we are  to engaging with web-content. You can take me there but Im not necessarily engaged.

The Blippar approach completely bypasses this mental-map and ‘digital fatigue’ – thats why its so exciting. Have a peep at this:

There was a talk held at Oxford Brookes earlier this year  with Mark Schaefer – his “Level 5” on engagement is around AR. Six months ago this was interesting but very intangible to me. Today BlippAR makes this do-able.

I like it.

Not everyone has a smartphone or the great wifi access that is needed for a responsive UX but the thought-leaders and early adopters do – these are the people that influence change and will grab this.

Its a very credible way forward – and its exciting.

But the big question has to be how will this scale – as a service and as an ecoSystem – pulling in wider creatives to make things happen? This is not so easy…

Speaking with ZDNet UK, Dave Black of BlippAR  said:

“We don’t want SDKs, because we don’t want people developing bad experiences for brands,” he said. “We don’t want brands to be able to hijack other people’s creatives. There are other companies here with open SDKs. Essentially, if you are Adidas you can go to a Nike poster and put your advert on that poster.”

I can see the reasoning but in truth maybe good ideas spread faster when they get co-created and the voice is amplified by a many linchpins and advocates. Personally I would not be concerned about brand hijacking – not only will the lawyers find a ‘fix’ for this – but also consumers can spot grubby behaviour a mile off -no one wins from bad behaviour today.

Its a visual ‘land grab’ – lets see who enables it.

Blip on!


Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

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