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When we look at what matters and how the context around us keeps changing I despair when people talk about protecting an offering through IP. Protecting todays offering because its ‘ours’ – its full of sweat and emotion and its so valuable.

‘Legalites’ will talk about building a fortress of IP – ensuring appropriability of revenue to you as the worthy owner. But is anything truly enduring and change-proof that its worth the cost, time and energy to defend. In the entrepreneurial context I don’t think so.

If we put in efforts into building a defensive moat around us we become internally-focused, and enterprise isn’t about *us* its about them – the customers. Our Heroes.

Ive actually met some really cool patent attorneys – they are not all bad – but they need to understand where growth comes from in innovative firms – often its form being faster, more creative and better learners than other firms.

The IP is not ‘the end in itself’ – blooming lawyers are a complementary asset to innovation – the ones that understand that and help are the ones that will be the most sought after.





Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

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