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Collaborative Innovation…. FBVI in Oxford

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Tonight is the the first step in the kick-off for FBVI – Future Business Virtual Incubator (what a mouthful….) – with drinks in Oxford hosted by the guys who have pulled this project together.

The story is simple – there is IP sat within the European Space Agency vaults that really needs to be extracted into the innovation economy and FBVI is a project to link entrepreneurs, mentors and students at Said Business School together to get things moving.

What was compelling to me was the idea that this intends on generating new businesses and leads to employment. Innovation that stimulates growth.

But more fascinating than the business model is the way its run as a collaboration with people being pulled in with a common vision – a social object – on creating enterprises and jobs – its echoes a blog from @nilofer that HBR pushed out today:

“The social object that unites people isn’t a company or a product; the social object that most unites people is a shared value or purpose. When consumers “love” Apple, they are saying they love great design and the shared idea that “thinking differently” is valuable. By “loving” Firefox, the web community is saying that they believe an open web browser is valuable to the world. By loving TEDx, a volunteer army of people are saying they believe that smart ideas that get people to think more about their world is a cause worth putting energy into.”

If you run a collaboration but you grew up in a “command and control” environment this stuff will give you the squits. But if you can lead through common purpose and a common social objective it pulls some very interesting people together and the you can get some great outcomes.

Lets see how it goes!


Author: jameslramsay

Practice director at the ShelfLife project - digital by day, campfire by night

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